EU sales team is a European based consulting brand which unites professionals and helps organizations in more successful development by delivering modern business models or sourcing business partners, staff, services/products. EU sales team offers services in whole Europe and also in North America. Our business experience on local markets is a factor which gives you a unique opportunity to develop your business.

Our local team members located in such countries: Germany, Great Britain, France, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.

Our mission is delivering to our customers well tested business solutions that meet their requirements and goals in a field of sales and business models, IT and international trade.


Our main current projects are in sectors

EU sales team is made up of dedicated professionals. We all work as a team to help you achieve success. Our consultants provide business advice to help you start, plan, operate, manage, market, develop, position, improve and grow your business project.

We realize that when we are working we are spending our customers' money, so we try to do the best job as efficiently and quickly as possible. We do not lock in our customers by demanding long-term contracts. We want our customers to use our services because they want to, not because they have to. Our clients are able to use our services as much as or as little as they like, whichever best helps their business succeed.

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